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posted by/geschrieben von robertdifazio on/am Februar 20, 19101 at/um 18:58:59:

Well, I'm glad you have shown even a little interest in
this so far. I am from Mark 1, a new progressive band
from the Boston area. I'm Robert the guitarist for the
trio. Some tracks off our new album are free to
download off of our site in Mp3 form. It's free music
from a hard working prog act and ya can't beat that so
do enjoy at

Here is a description of the band that will appear in
the next issue of Progression Magazine.

Mark 1

These men thrive on obscure sounds, intricate
rhythms, and the occasional oblique intellectual
reference. The musicians (from left to right) Chris
Molinski, Kyle Jones, and Robert DiFazio are members of
the new progressive rock band Mark 1. The band has
recently completed their first album, Absolute Zero,
which will be officially released later this month.
Based in Gloucester MA, the band harks back to the
sound of the early 70s. Through a mixture of different
genres, their music is both familiar and distinctly
original. Listeners have come to rely on the enduringly
twisted storylines and the imposing difficulty of their
instrumental offerings. In a genre that the group
tentatively labels "ultramodern rock," the new album
combines a futuristic sound with an eccentric plot and
an eclectic cast of characters. Combine this with the
technical mastering of engineer Roger Nichols (famous
for his work with Steely Dan and artists such as Crosby
Stills & Nash and Frank Zappa) and the album becomes a
total listening experience. Coincidentally, mp3 files
of all the tunes are downloadable for free at Mark 1's
web site ( We hope you will become better
acquainted with their music, this is one band that has
no intention of disappointing you. Visit their web site
for more info.

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