You gotta get this CD!

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posted by/geschrieben von David am Dezember 19, 19101 at/um 08:57:50:

These guys rock! Get their CD 'cause it kicks ass!
Don't believe me? Check out the reviews below:
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Review by Lanman of Metal Vault

Right off the bat let me just say 'ANGEL EDGE' kicks
ass!!! 1 minute into the first song 'Realm Of
Darkness' and I immediately claimed this to be one of
the BEST bands you never heard and it's a damn shame!
You get a wide variety of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, AOR,
Melodic in your face ROCK music. What impresses me the
most is how talented and diverse these guys are. I
love the vocal style of 'Kenny Romero', I hear
mixtures of Robert Fleischman (Vinnie Vincent) crossed
with Greg Analla (The Seventh Sign) and even some
hints of Judas Priest and Bad English. I don't know
why 'ANGEL EDGE' didn't rise above the ashes
but 'Revisited' is not to be second guessed. Founding
member and guitarist Rumaldo Ortiz superbly delivers
tight guitar oriented rhythms laced with blazing
leads. A style very unique but a sound that you've
heard before and one you never get bored or tired of.
A style similar to that of Neil Schon (Journey).
Rumaldo also handles the low-end and Eddie Garcia with
sharp footwork, nicely carries the drive on drums.
Production is keen and reminiscent of early 80's. One
I love because it is pure and clean no studio tricks
and for an indie release it's really good!

There is so much great stuff on 'Revisited' tons of
great hooks, melodies, vocal harmonies, guitars,
guitars, guitars I can't say enough. 'Realm Of
Darkness' the hook laden driver that leads off this
album and one of my favs is actually sung by Rumaldo
Ortiz. A rhythm so incredibly entrancing, look at your
speed odometer and see how fast your going... 'Will
You Be There' another song where Ortiz handles the
vocals, offers up yet another hard rockin' head
bangin' rocker with a driving beat and great
hooks. 'Headin' To Sound City' is the all instrumental
rocker that allows you to hear the sonic musicianship
of 'ANGEL EDGE'. As you delve deeper into the
music 'Incessant Love, All A Game and License To
Thrill' open the highway for 'Broken Hearts &
Shattered Dreams and 'All That's Left'. There's plenty
of power for every HARD ROCK fan on 'Revisited'. If
this was released 10 years ago ANGEL EDGE would have
been a platinum act. Fortunately the band is working
on putting together new material. No doubt a top notch
band. Check it out - you won't be disappointed. |A|
AIM-metalvault roks

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