MTV's New Metal Show!!

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posted by/geschrieben von Paul- October Thorns on/am November 19, 19100 at/um 21:35:10:

Progressive Metal Militia
Paul-October Thorns

Over the past month we have been preparing for an all
out onslaught on MTV to demand the return of a weekly
show to spotlight metal bands. We have received a
mixed reaction from the message boards, many people
prefer to keep metal out of the mainstream in order to
protect it from over exposure and a repeat of the
comercial glamorization of metal that occurred in
the ‘80s and led ultimately to it’s demise.

However, there is a large group of people who want to
see some type of programming that would allow bands
like Testament, Nevermore, In Flames, Dream Theater,
Savatage and many more an outlet for their music and a
chance to increase their fan base, CD sales and
touring venues. We strongly believe that a weekly show
that would showcase this type of music would only help
the national and local scenes and do nothing to harm
them. To those of you who share this view, we invite
you to join us on Dec. 4th for a day of havoc as we
clog the phone lines and emails with requests that MTV
return the Headbanger’s Ball or similar program to the
air! We have been speaking with several people at MTV
and Viacom over the past month and they have assured
us that they are aware of the growing number of
restless metal fans who are eager for a show of their
own. They have several projects in development that
should satisfy this need and it’s up to you to let
them know which bands you want to see and what styles
of music should be played.

In a situation that is very similar to our
presidential election, a very small number of people
CAN make a difference. Your “vote” DOES count and will
be taken into consideration when the new projects are
put on the air. Every music publication from Billboard
to the smallest ‘zine has been heralding the return of
metal and it’s once again rising popularity. Now is
the time for you to make your voice heard and have a
true impact on your favorite music by getting it the
national exposure it deserves and this will in turn
help to bring it closer to your doorstep.

Please join us in our blitz on MTV on Dec. 4th and
help give your favorite bands a chance at making their
music a career and not just a hobby!! Forward this to
as many people that you think might be interested and
we’ll hopefully see metal on TV once again.

October Thorns
Progressive Metal Militia

MTV/ Viacom

MTV Program director *****
Paul Debendetta
1515 Broadway 25th Fl.
New York, NY10036

On-line vote for the return of Headbanger's Ball on

Snail mail
Total Request Live
c/o MTV
P.O. Box 2001
New York, NY 10108



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