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posted by/geschrieben von the real Koto still alive on/am April 05, 19102 at/um 21:58:28:

first of all ....thanks to all Friends / Fans that
will participate in our adventure in the web site
kotomusic.com ........ there will be many
surprises. why I make you download free 'koto still
alive '-- 'koto still alive tribal action'
and ''Visitor still alive'' version ?

because the copies are finished and I 'm not able ,for
now,to satisfy all the requests.
further i know that 'Koto is still alive' is not
liked by all kotofans.... however you have to think
that : a koto years 80s was not proper italo
dance but it was perhaps already techno... and if i
had had the opportunity to continue my music it
would be year for year changed toward future musical
horizons so that the fans of koto would also be

for me ''Koto is still alive ''is a fundamental point
in the history of koto music and ''koto still alive''
for me is a symbol of liberty and justice that every
artist should have .

perhaps one day you will understand me .......i hope.

your Friend Anfrando Maiola. NOT ONLY ARTIST BUT ONE

and now Enjoy with Kotomusic and worldwide Friends /

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