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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 05 / 2002

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progressive rock
In 1991, drummer/vocalist Alberto De Grandis and bassist Luca Baldassari formed DFA with Roberto Tommasini on keyboards. The band found its ultimate shape with the arrivals of guitarist Silvio Minella in 1993, and the new keyboard player Alberto Bonomi in 1995. Following the recording of a demo tape entitled "Trip On Metró", DFA were signed by independent Italian label Scalopendra Records and released their debut album "Lavori In Corso" in 1997. The band's reputation among the 'prog-rock' cognoscenti quickly grew as DFA began sharing Italian concert stages with such veterans of the genre as Banco or Le Orme. The band's second offering, "Duty Free Area", released on Mellow Records, followed two years later and drew unanimous praise by publications supporting innovative rock music around the world. DFA's music is based on strong instrumental interplay. Critics have pointed out how amazing the quartet's chemistry is considering the amateur status of their members. It is no wonder though, with a rhythm section that has remained firmly in place for a whole decade through countless rehearsals, and the incredible amount of effort each instrumentalist has invested in the band. DFA's hard work is obvious in its accomplished compositions, which combine the telepathic interplay of fusion bands and the sophistication in melody and arrangements found in the best progressive rock. The band is currently putting together material for a third studio album, which should mark a further progression in their ever-evolving music. Meanwhile, "Work In Progress Live" will remain to document a watershed event in DFA's career, in many ways the coming of age for this highly talented Italian quartet.


DFA are (from left to right):
Silvio Minella : Guitars
Luca Baldassari : Electric Bass
Alberto De Grandis : Drums, vocal
Alberto Bonomi : Keyboards, vocal

Contact information:
Current album:

"Work in progressive - live"

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