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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 11 / 2001

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Paranoise was founded in 1987 by guitarist Jim Matus in New York City with the release of their first album, 'Constant Fear' on Island Records. Jim was a student of Pat Metheny and John Scofield but chose not to pursue jazz but rather experiment with new musical forms. The second New York release, 'Start A New Race' was in 1992 on Ozone records.
These 2 cds were studio projects only and were co-produced and co-written with Lloyd Fonoroff and Miguel Ortiz. They used such talented studio musicians as; Don Cherry, Percy Jones, Anthony Jackson, Steve Marcus, Gary Window, and Lenny Picket. This early sound was a hybrid of Heavy Progressive Metal and atonal jazz and incorporated dense saxophone arrangements and free improvizational solos. After the death of their singer, Miguel in 1994, Jim put together a new band in Hartford Connecticut, this time with a new sound hybrid of Progressive Rock and World music. Rohan Gregory's violin (Klezmatics, Page and Plant) replaced the saxophones and Thorne Palmer became the lead singer/lyricist with Jim writting and arranging all the music. Bass vituoso Bob Laramie,(Matt Guitar Murphy, Saskia Laroo) and fusion/funk drummer Geoff Brown now are the rhythm section for this totally unique version of the band.
They have opened for supergroup TransAtlantic, and in 1999, released 'Private Power' on Jim's Label, Ancient Records and were highly acclaimed by critics, being called a "new genre" by Progression Magazine, as well as being voted #1 album of 1999 by New York's Tone Clusters Magazine. Their new album, 'Ishq' (2001) is a further development of this hard edged yet melodic Arabic influenced progressive rock sound. Their music represents a model for interaction with third world cultures and promotes an awareness of progressive political and social ideas as well.


Paranoise are (from left to right):
Geoffrey Brown - Drums
Thorne Palmer - Lead vocals, Guitar
Rohan Gregory - Violin
Bob Laramie - Bass
Jim Matus - Lead giutar, Backing vocals

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