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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 03 / 2001

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Eternal Sadness
Rock, Metal, Gothic, Progmetal
Eternal Sadness (ES) were founded in 1994 by Alex Hagenauer, Tom Hemmerlein and Wolfgang Lutsch. After Jörg Menche and Timo Lechner completed the line-up they recorded their first demotape called "Autumn". Because of the very good response by fans and press, the guys were incouraged to release their first album "Elation" on their own. "Elation" really kicked and the band became well known in the world wide underground scene. ES played a lot of concerts that time with bands like BOLT THROWER, SENTENCED, VADER, TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD, NIGHT IN GALES, EVEREVE, CRYPTIC CARNAGE and others. After three years of performing live Tom Hemmerlein left the band and Helmuth Welther became the new drummer of ES. ES recorded their second studio album called "Celebrate..." in 1999 which includes a great variety of styles. In about 250 live-concerts ES proofed that they really kick ass and bang heads. Now, ES are history. ES broke up on January 12th 2001. But they gave their fans a last present, a 5-track EP entitled "Set my Soul on Fire". Eternal Sadness leave a big gap in the gothic, dark progmetal scene. We at DURP thought that this band deserves a last honour and so they are band of the month.


Eternal Sadness are (from left to right):
Helmuth Welther - Drums
Jörg Menche - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Wolfgang Lutsch - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Alex Hagenauer - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Timo Lechner - Keyboards, Vocals

Contact information:
Current album:

"Set my soul on fire"

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