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One of the best hard rock releases of the last month was release by Vick Lecar and his band called „Blue Moon“. Traditional rock with an big Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple feeling. Renald Mienert did an interview with Vick.

Sorry, but I don't know a lot of things about you and your band, so first some standard questions!Please tell me something about your history, & something about the members!

Hey! First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in my music, and it's a pleasure to answer your questions. My musical career started at a very early stage of my life, I don't remember not playing guitar or performing in more than one way. As well as a guitarist, song writer, and vocalist, I'm also an actor and a painter, but music is my biggest passion. It all happened very early in my childhood, I studied cello & piano, painting, and art in general. Even though I have classical roots I find my place in hard rock with a heavy blues influence.The band was formed to record and perform my music, each member was carefully picked to be able to deliver my musical vision.

Are there earlier releases?

Yes there are many recordings that I have done. I don't know if you're aware of Never Stranded which included Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, it was placed as the best H/R. EP of 1999, by many critics.I recorded The Iceman for Platinum, Apocalyptic Horsemen, Rapture, Vikron, and even though I don't like to be a musical prostitute, ( no offense to those that are) I'd rather stay true to what I am musically, but I've done some studio work for other musicians and producers. Hey! It pays some of the bills.....Hahahahaha!!

What about the level of success?

Well to be honest with you I wasn't part of some of the bands, I just did the recordings, so I really don't know what kind of success they had. I was part of Platinum, but even up to this date I haven't received a copy of the CD or any kind of pay, {they were with Sunrise/IRS records}. But anyway, to me success is measured in many different ways, It could be anything. But before anything I would like to say that money has never been my motive, if it was I would have quit a long time ago...Hahahah. To me it's all about the music, and the sincerity that is felt, written, and performed.

Is Blue Moon a band or a project?

Blue Moon is a band, I formed the first lineup in the mid-90's with a completely different group of people.We just did a few gigs and some demos, for what I hear they still get some air play on and off in Venezuela and other South American countries, I think it's a great complement.But to answer you question a bit more direct way, yes, Blue Moon is a band, I just felt that it was time to take over the steering wheel on my music. Many times I have worked with musicians that have a tendency to drive aimlessly without a vision or direction, I know what I want musically, and I think that is a very important thing to have when you want to deliver what you feel inside.

I think you did a great hard rock album, the main influence for me is Led Zeppelin?

Thanks a lot I'm glad you liked it. Good old Zep, I love Led Zeppelin it was the first H/R band I ever heard, all I had heard before was classical music.I got blown away by the heavy guitar rifts and the very bluesy vocals, Wow! I was just a child when I first heard Zeppelin, But I have to admit that some of my biggest influences are Deep Purple, Burn to be exact, vocals guitars etc., and many other influences, which is way too many to list, Framptom, Clapton, Santana, and I was heavily into WhiteSnake, I truly think David Coverdale is a sincere, true H/R singer, a very simple and easy to say it,....... just the best.However, if I ever find myself sounding to close to somebody else I steer myself away from it, so I think and ask myself, How would Vick LeCar do this song''I never sit in front of my stereo trying to rip-off somebody else's songs or trying to sound or imitate some guitarist or song writer. It all comes very natural, thank God for that. Hahahahah!

What about Condor Pass (wasn't is also a hit of Simon & Garfunkel)

No, no, no, Condor pass is an ancient song from the Indians, or better said natives, from either Bolivia or Peru (Andes), I thought it was very melodic and as real and raw as it comes, song writing at it's very best, and also very close to mother earth in my eyes, OK ears! Hahaha. It's my way of saying thank you to her. Originally it was played with all handmade native instruments, it takes me to another spiritual stage.

What about the Mark Farner song?

Did I mention Grand Funk ?.......Oh yeah! One of my biggest influences, Mark Farner what a great songwriter, performer, and front man. I haven't been lucky enough to see them live, only on TV and in videos. About the song, I was talking to the president of Record Heaven Music about my Blue Moon CD, and he told me about the tribute to Grand Funk Railroad, the first thing out of my mouth was I can't wait to hear it I love Grand Funk, and he asked me if I wanted to be on it. I agreed and asked how long do I have to do the track? He told me not too long, so I got to work on it. "Shinin' On" was my pick because I really feel that we all get our chance to shine in many different ways in life, you, me, and yes every one in between, fools and wise, poor and rich, I think life is about searching for the light within yourself. I did the vocals on Shinin' On; because I felt them so close to home, it just felt right. It was, and still is, a pleasure to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands ever, and I deeply thank them for paving the road for us and for giving us such satisfaction with there heart felt music. The song Shinin' On" ended up on my new CD by a request of a very wonderful A&R man, Johanne's at R.H.M.

Why do you work with two keyboard players?

Two different feels, they're both great. I wanted that old fashion blues H/R feel, which I got from Paul M. and that heavy modern sound from Gordon G.

How are the reactions of the people in your neighborhood to your music?

I live out in the country, not many people around, Hahahaha!!.Young and old enjoy it, and I feel very flattered by that, I guess it pays to stay true to yourself.

What does the title of the record mean?

The name of the band is Vick LeCar's Blue Moon, it's a self titled record, Blue Moon is a vision I had, you see, very rarely you'll find someone who stays true to himself musically and play what they feel, not what's out there at the time.(trend followers)

Will you present the new material during a tour?

Yes, most definitely, we're waiting and looking for promoters to bring us to Europe, hopefully, this summer. I can't be without playing, I got some unfinished business here in Texas, then out to NY to get the band ready.

How did you come in touch with your current label?

Well my friend and manager, Jim Manngard, had sent many of the CDs we printed, (with a different cover) to many record companies, some had been waiting for a long time, some never heard of me, It was very quiet at first, no calls, no emails, nothing, Jim and I ware very worried, honestly speaking, but after a few weeks we got lots of feedback and offers. I thought that Record Heaven Music had the most interesting deal, and they knew exactly the direction that I wanted to go, so after a good amount of calls, emails, and negotiations we decided to go with them, and they decided to sign me, they are a great bunch of guys, and very hard workers.

How would you like to develop in the future? Do you think about changing your style?

Good question, I think that change is good but I do not see myself rapping or doing any sort of BackStreet Boys music, Hahhaha! I will keep on doing my music the way I feel it, hard rock blues, and with as much heart and soul as possible. I just want you to understand that music to me is what I am, not something I've decided on doing, I'm pretty sure that there are some people out there that feel the way I do.

What is the best thing in musical business? And - on the other side -- what is the worst thing?

Oh! boy, The best thing about music is being able to feel it as well as playing it, the benefit of many people becoming one with your music think about it as an electrical wave that everyone in the place is feeling the way you do at the same time, the communication without the barrier of languages or borders. It's so hard to explain. The worst thing about it?............that's called business, Gggrrrr. Money makes people very ugly and heartless at times, and there are too many people in it just for the money.

Is there a most important event in your history as an artist?

I'm very happy musically at this time, but to me, It could always be better.

What about your success/feedback in different countries?

Well, the feedback is different in many countries, Europe is becoming very interested in my new CD. Germany, Holland, & Sweden seem to be the leading countries, I would like to say that the feeling is mutual.

What do you think about the situation of your musical genre in the presence and what will change in the future?

Hmmm! I think that H/R is kind of underground at this time, but that doesn't mean that I'm about to follow some new musical trend that I don't even feel, I always say that'' ONE DOLLAR MADE PLAYING MY MUSIC, MEANS MORE TO ME, THEN ONE HUNDRED DOING SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE, OR THAT'S BEEN EARNED THROUGH SELLING OUT'' There is always room for country, jazz, & classical music, and all kinds of different styles, which are still around. I see rock music the same way. It's all about what kind of music we identify ourselves with, not the flavor of the week.

Can you tell me something of the process of creating the new record? Were there any problems or went everything well?

It is always great to make music, there was lots of heartaches, sacrifices, and bumps on the road, but it was all worth it. I try to look at the good things in life and turn the obstacles into learning experiences so I can do it better the next time around. However it means so much to me when someone enjoys my music.

How would you describe your relation to new media as Internet, virtual reality, mp3...

I think is a great thing to be able to relate to people all around the world in a few minutes, it makes communication so much better.

So you could make a choice, with which band would you like to play live on stage, for example as support?

Way to many, one of my favorites is Deep Purple, I would love to see Ritchie Blackmore back with them,( No offense to Steve). Also, WhiteSnake, if they were back together, (I love Still of the Night") & Metallica, Creed, and so many others.

So you could have the possibility to make this record again. Would you change anything?

Yes, I think I would like to sing some more of the songs on it, even if a singer is great it's so hard to get someone else to perform your songs with the heart that they were written with, and it's hard for someone to try to feel what you went through when you wrote the songs, and the life experiences that you've had. {unless you're David Coverdale, what a great feel he has} ,Also the guitar sound could be a lot heavier, but now again I'm one of those guys that, Everything could always be better.

Was it difficult to find a record company?

At first it was, but then we had a few to pick from, thanks to Mr. Manngard's endless effort to get a deal & my ramlike persistence. Thank you very much for your interview. All the best to all of you, and keep on shinin'! Shinin' On!....Love, light and strength to all!

© 04/2001 Renald Mienert
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