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Pyramid is another great metal band from Spain. So if you listen to the "The Immaculate Lie" album you will agree. Here are some more information about the band, posted by leadsinger Javier Cespedes

The history so far.....

Pyramid was formed in 1999.The members were and are Javier Céspedes (vocals), Tony Vallés (guitar), Manu González (bass), Xavier Camps(keyboard) and Roger Guardia (drums). In summer of 1999 recorded our first album entitled Pyramid. The album in fact was a demo. However, the sound was quite good and finally one company decided to publishit here in Spain. We have musical studies andTony Vallés was a famous guitar player in the 90´s. (Manzano, Los Suaves, etc. ) In the beginning we were only four members, so wetalked about the possibility of " The atomic quartet", but when Camps incame in the band Pyramid´s line-up was established.

The recording of the new album?

It was all ok. We recorded in 3 studios and the mixes were in Madrid. It took us 3 months and wefinished very very tired. But now we have ourreward.

Your music and your faves....

Music for musicians and for lovers of real music. It exists a lot of unknowed ways in music that we have not explored yet. As Pyramid we talked about Dream Theatre, SymphonyX, and personally I love Pavarotti, Michael Kiske and Sting because of his feeling and hisnatural voice.

Are you a democratic band?

If we were not a democratic band I wouldn´t be here, be sure.

What comes first – lyrics or music?

In "The Immaculate Lie" at the first we had the lyrics because the album talks about a conceptualstory, it was a great experience, but it´s not usual. We use to make up the music and then the lyrics.

The situation of metal in Spain?

People are very surprised, because no band in Barcelona has ever received any kind of success, and of course it´s not normal to see good heavy metalmusicians playing in this country. Sometimes I think if we talk about Spain rerarding music is a third world country. It´s very hard to be musician in Spain.

What will happen after the release of the album?

Actually we are touring around Spain. We have made more than a hundred concerts and it will last until next summer. Then we´ll begin to recordthe next album.

How did you come in touch with your label?

It was because they called us to play in an albumfor Iron Maiden. We liked their kind of work and as we had not any contract we recorded the album, we showed it them, they loved it, so we are here now. I think the best moment was when our manager told us: Locomotive said yes. It was a great day for us.

So you could make a choice, with which band would you like to play live on stage, for example as support?

At this moment Symphony X.

What will the future bring?

I think progressive is the future, and in 1 or 2years it will become more popular. People are boring of listening always the same things, musicalstructures, ... we´ll see it. I think nowadays our musical growth is unlimited, and as long as Pyramid takes we´ll play and do what wewant. We are not going to sale oursouls for the money, but you can´t say never ever. . All is well, and in the future it will be very important, but there are somethings that must change. Muscians have rights and sometimes it seems like everyone forget us. We have to eat, how is it possible?

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