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Interview with Mark Mangold

How did it finally work out to bring these artists together?

Very well. It was great fun. The original concept was between Frontiers, Mario and Serafino, and myself. And all the guys were available happily to do the record.

Is "The Sign" more an band than an project and do you think about more than one record and live activities?

Yes, we definitely think about doing another record, if it is asked for, and playing live some more. The gig at The Gods was wonderful, and we look forward to doing it again soon.

Is it harder to work in an "All Star Group" than in a "normal" band?

I'm not sure what you mean. We are a normal band, most of us anyway, but really the talent and experience of the people in the band makes it that much more fun. Also the direction each member brought to the band was helpful, didn't have to go through the "basics" with egos, etc. It was definitely a group effort.

Is there a mastermind inside of the band or are you more a "democratic" band?

Democratic, or whoever whines the most.

Can you tell me something of the process of creating the record? Were there any problems or went everything well?

We did it mostly in the Digital Performer Mac computer. There were some serious problems hounding us throughout the album, with computer type stuff, crashes, etc. But in time, and with various updates and conversations with the people who make the program things were worked out. It was a very learning experience from a learning point of view. I personally prefer that old fashion analog tape for the sound and the fact that it often requires one to be more selective with what they choose to record and the quality of each track.

Is each member of the band absolute satisfied with each song of the record?

We love the songs on the record.

How does the songwriting work in the band?

It's a free for all, and happens quite fast. We wrote the album in about a month, meaning getting together once or twice a week, because we had other obligations, etc. Billy came up for a day and we wrote 3 songs. It seems there were alot of ideas waiting to be heard, and I must say we all really clicked. It was alot of fun.

"Signs Of Live" is an concept record - what about the story?

The common thread is a positive message, that life is worth living, a joy (this is not an angry "disenfranchised", life sucks, message that so many records out there now have) and that "all that we believe is all we will become".

Is the concept also reflected in the music -for me the record is strong focussed on songs, without reading the bandinfo I wouldn't recognize an concept album...

It is a subtle thread, I would not call it a rock opera per se.

What about track 13?

We were tired, it was late, we had mastered for a few days, we went nuts. Isn't it great.

How did you come in touch with your current label?

I've known those guys for years, they having been nice enough to release Touch, D,SS, American Tears, etc.

What about the reactions to this record so far?

They have been quite wonderful. A few comments about the sound, but let's not go there. The content, songs lyrics, playing have been received quite well I think.

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