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The symphonic metal band from Scandinavia just released the second record "Trinity Overture" and the reactions of the media are just overwhelming, even though there were major changes in the line up. Reasons enough for an DURP interview with bandleader Richard Andersson, so here we go.

Did you expect the success of the first record?

Not really. I knew that I had done some good songs, but I could never imagine that it would be such great response.

Great experience to tour with Pretty Maids?

That was really great to go on tour with Pretty Maids. First, they are very nice guys, and we had a lot of fun on that tour. Second, it was a great feeling to perform and show the audience that we can play exactly the same notes as we do on the album. The response from the audience was great. It was very fun to talk with some of them after we'd performed.

What about the reasons for the disagreements in the band after the first record?

Well! When we arrived from the tour with Pretty Maids there were certain disagreements between the rest and me. We had different ideas about the future. And I was not that satisfied with their contribution to the band. "You must have the best musicians to play the best music" Ha! So I kind of fired them. Later on I started to compose the new material for "Trinity Overture". I felt a little bit depressed, because I had no band.

How did you find the new band members?

I knew that there were a great guitar player in town, so I called him up and we played around in my studio for a couple of nights, and then everything was settled. It was about the same with the drummer. At the moment I was looking for a new singer. I did not want to have this high pitched singer because I hate it. I was more looking for a powerful singer, kind a like "Ronnie James Dio" or "Joe Lynn Turner". Now! I think I have found him.

How do you try to find an own musically identity - or don't you?

With this new record I have found my own way of expression. I'm not listening to other bands or music. I'm only listening to classical music, such as Bach, Vivaldi, Pagganini etc. It's very difficult to do something that no one ever have done before. Your music always sounds like another band.

What about the influence of other artists to you?

As I just mentioned I am only listening to classical music. But when I was a kid I use to listen to bands like, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen etc.

How does the songwriting work in the band?

I'm the main composer in the band. I am doing all the arrangements and lyrics. Everything is almost finished when I bring it to the band. They are really satisfied about that, because the love my music and my way of handling everything.

How did you come in touch with your label?

At the moment of songwriting for the first album I'd got a call from Swedish Production Company "Roastinhouse". They asked me if I could present some of my work. So I did. Then the recordings took place. After five songs we sent out some demo tapes to different record labels around Europe. The response was tremendous, and we decided to go for Massacre, since we had heard only well about them. We also got the highest priority at that moment.

What about your success in different countries?

I think it is wonderful. In Sweden this kind of music is not that popular. And I think it is great to speak with different nationalities about music. Music is a language we all can speak, no matter were you come from.

How would you see the relation between music and lyrics? Some musicians don't care about the lyrics, others understand the music as a vehicle to fit the lyrics....

For me the lyrics are important. They are also very personal to me. Sometimes people can not understand what I want to say. When I compose a song I get a certain feeling for the melody and the beat. So at an early stage I know what the song should contain.

How would you describe the development between the new record and the record before?

With this second album I think I have reached another level. I mean the first album was great, but this second one I was more concentrated on what I was doing. The songs are better, the musicians are better, the sound is better and the production is better. I can promise you a totally awesome third record. Ha!

Can you tell me something of the process of creating the new record? Were there any problems or went everything well?

Since I am a perfectionist, everything was prepared to 100% before we went in to the studio. I had prerecorded everything just so the rest of the band could learn all the songs. In the studio I had all the ideas about the production in my head. Everything went real smooth because of the extremely good musicians and their performance. Although, we did some rearrangements in the studio.

How would you describe your relation to new media as internet, virtual reality, mp3...

I think it's great, probably the biggest thing happened for many many years. It brings people closer to each other. It's an easy way to get your voice heard. Sometimes to easy

So you could make a choice, with which band would you like to play live on stage, for example as support?

Actually we are going on tour a European tour in November with Symphony X and Concerto Moon. It starts in Belgium and France. Then we go further to Italy, Spain, and rest of Europé. These bands are great.

How would you like to develop in the future? Do you think about changing your style?

You never know. I'm very interested in trying some different things. I have a dream to play with an real orchestra. So maybe in the future. At the moment I'm very satisfied with the new record and the band.

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