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press release 01-Jun-2002

Prologue, About this website

Welcome to one of the few websites for open minded fans of rock and heavy metal. This website is meant to be a place for fans and bands, especially of the melodic rock, artrock / progressive rock+metal genre providing you with very detailed reviews, news tourdates, links and more.

Nowadays the DURP is proud of being the catalyst for the re-formation of the german prog scene because many people, bands, writers and websites learned to know each other, now working closer together in order to get good music out of the shadows. It's not surprising that the DURP was added to "The Independent Musician's Contact Bible".

If you'd like to get informed on DURP-News then feel free to join the newsletter by entering your email address into the Newsletter-Box on the title page.

If you are interested in the music of upcoming progrock/metal bands then don't hesitate to take a look at the DURP compilation CD series "Progressive DisDURPance" that regularly offers you the best tracks of the demotapes/cds that have been sent to the DURP in professional quality.
In January 1999 the DURP introduced the Progrock/metal DURPTALK "DURPTALK" which especially is dedicated to those bands, fans etc that are (or have been) in contact with the DURP and for the german progrock/metal scene.

In case you are a member of (or in case you know) an upcoming progrock/metal band then don't hesitate to send in your demotape/cd along with some band-info. May be a song of it will be featured on the DURP-Compilation-CD series "Progressive DisDURPance" or the DURP CD Shop. More details can be obtained on the page for bands/labels/mags etc.

In case you are are writing for a prog magazine/webzine / are a host of a radioshow / are an employee of a label or cd distributor/mailorder then don't hesitate to ask us for a promotion copy of the current "Progressive DisDURPance" cd. More details can be obtained on the page for bands/labels/mags etc.

What do the points mean (assessment) ?

Please note that the scale of points (marks for the quality of an album) is not linear. For example: 1 Point does not mean 10% out of a possible 100 points ! 1 point means that the reviewing person could not find into the album, but the album still could be a recommendation for fans of that particular band or music-genre.

10 - an alltime opus (perhaps once in a year)
9 - absolutely brilliant
8 - great
7 - highly recommended
6 - good
5 - average - no weak track
4 - average - not recommended for all readers
3 - interesting, showing some promise
2 - some useful tracks
1 - recommended to fans only
0 - waste of money, but we can hope for the future

Philosophy of the DURP

The primary aim of the DURP is: to be an orientation in the commercial chaos of the music-business and is meant to supply all you visitors who belong to the artrock / progressive rock / progressive metal / metal family with new clues, tips, recommendations, inspirations and bands out of this genre.

The DURP does not necessarily review those albums that are getting reviewed everywhere (like in commercial prog-rock/metal magazines). The DURP primarily informs you on albums that have been sent to the DURP by labels, promotion companies and (underground) bands.

The DURP's reviews are written from subjective point of view, just the aspects of the music are taken into account. If an album has great compositions but bad sound, we won't kick it's butt because of the band sound ... but it needs good compositions. Of course each review ends with a summary.

In order to let you compare your subjective taste of prog-music with ours, just enter the section "Playlist" and have a look at the current and all-time favourite albums of the DURP writers. If your taste matches the taste of a writer, then it is very likely that you can trust the reviews and go out and simply purchase the album without listening to the album before.

How is this philosophy put into action ?

The DURP was born in autumn 1997 in order to support the prog-scene and it's underground. In autumn 1999 the DURP melted with the second leading prog website located in Germany: Renald Mienert's TALES FROM THE PROGRESSIVE OCEAN. In the meantime the DURP runs several subprojects:

  • the Webring "Prog Teutonicum". In order to support the german progrock/metal scene by the WWW, the DURP founded the german progrock/metal-webring PROG TEUTONICUM in June 1998. This ring is for all musicians, listeners and homepages dealing with progressive music in german language. Of course homepages of/on german prog-bands or on the german prog-scene are also added to the ring, no matter in which language they are written.

  • the DURP CD-compilation series "Progressive DisDURPance". This sampler is released regularly and is presenting a best-of selection out of the unsigned bands that have sent their demotapes/cds to the DURP to the prog audience.

  • the DURP CD Shop including audiosamples and detailled CD descriptions (interested bands can join the shop quite easily).

  • DURPTALK, the WWW-message board of the DURP, was started in January 1999 in order to create a www-based discussion possibility for proggers that visit the DURP regularly and want to get have some progtalk.

So it's up to you to enjoy this website ! Have fun !

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